WSL365 Academy

In Warrior Strong Lifestyle 365 Academy:  You will Enjoy Exclusive Video Coaching on Mindset and Overall Wellness, from Lifestyle Coach Mary R, Board-Certified Holistic Health Coach with Certifications in Life Coaching, Fitness, Nutrition, Stress & Mindset, and Gut Health.

In WSL365 Academy: You'll Learn How to: 

  • Ditch the Diet Mentality and Eat Intuitively
  • Squash Self-Sabotage and Eiminate Self-Doubt
  • Shift into a Warrior Strong Forever Mindset
  • Increase your Energy and Enjoy being Physically Active
  • Cultivate Inner Peace and Renew your Spirit
  • Love the Body You're In! 
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"Before starting WSL365 I was battling depression, anxiety, and a sense of self loathing. I really didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything because I didn’t believe I was worth making time for. My son had just finished an intense 4 years of chemo treatment and all of my attention had been focused on him and his siblings. I started WSL365 with WSW ASHWAGHANDA and the collagen bone broth. It took a while but I began to feel changes in both my mood and energy levels. Adding in the inspirational posts and workouts, helped me to get time to myself and do something for me, which in turn helped me to better focus on myself and my family. After doing this for a few months I have found that I enjoy my work, My family, and I have more patience than before. I am slowly building myself back up to where I want to be and WSL365 is a huge part of that! "

- Angie

"WSL365 is life changing! I love having all the support and positive influence of women just like myself that struggle with staying on tract with fitness, food and positive self talk. It feels amazing not to be alone. WSL365 has amazing video and audio teaching by Mary on mindset and overall wellness and short follow along workouts from amazing women coaches and I love that I can log on and do the video workouts easily. It’s like being in a class, and you can start at your own pace and work your way up. Mary really cares about others well-being."

- Brenda S.

"I have known Mary for years, as a former fitness trainer and now lifestyle coach. She is knowledgeable with regards to fitness, food, whole body care, honest with her own struggles, and really has a heart for women, especially women who struggle with food addiction, self care, body image, etc. Her philosophy of “Peace” had radically changed my own health and wellness journey. Realising it’s not about fitting into a certain size, eating a certain way, shaming, or working a body into submission, but peace. Peace is the goal. Mary has a wonderful way of helping an individual shift their mindset from “Rules” to “Peace”. I am grateful."

- Deb T.

"I started WSL365 about 6 weeks ago and since then I have stopped binge eating. I have been on every fad diet and restricted many food groups in order to lose weight that in result would make me binge eat sweets and carbs late at night and on weekends! Since starting I have not restricted any food allowing myself whatever I want and I no longer have a strong craving for the bad stuff! Candy was my weakness I haven’t had one single piece for 6 weeks and I don’t miss it! I enjoy real foods like fruit and complex carbs! WSL365 has helped me to change my mindset and that really been working for me and I’m so happy! I also drink the collagen bone broth every morning which is good for the gut! It’s like magic making my bowels regular!!!"

- Mia R.

"Mary is incredible - Extremely supportive, Encouraging, Inspiring and Relatable. What I love most about the WSL365 program, is that it felt more like a treat to myself, rather than discouraging or complicated like other programs. The format is laid out in a way that’s easy to follow and encourages long term lifestyle changes with steady progress, rather than quick fixes. I love how easily I can implement the practices, such as daily walks and extra water, and short workouts. Mary goes above and beyond to offer support and encouragement, as well as connects you with others in the program. I love how honest and refreshing Mary is, making everyone feel safe to dig a little deeper, Develop greater self love, and ultimately to feel our best."

- Toni B.

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